Eu Projects

  • TUDORS – TUrning learning Disabilities into OppoRtunitieS

    TUDORS is an Erasmus+ project lasting 24 months and run by 8 organisations based in Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain. The project is aiming at strengthening the skills and competences of foreign language trainers, so as to make their action more effective in teaching languages to adults with learning difficulties. Specifically, TUDORS contributes […]

  • SET THE TONE – Gender safety at work

    SET THE TONE project is a 24-month initiative run by 6 organisations based in Belgium, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. The project aims to impact employers and employees’ mind-set and daily behaviours practiced at the workplace towards gender stereotypes, sexual harassment, including cyber-harassment, through their active engagement as positive key players in preventing and reporting […]

  • Announcement acquisition of transport, accommodation and meals

    Announcement acquisition of transport, accommodation and meals POCU – 74/6/18/106568   Anunt achiztii: Anunt achizitie servicii de transport, cazare si masa_RO Annuncio acquisizione trasporto_alloggio_pasti_IT Announcement acquisition of transport, accommodation and meals_ENG   Documentatie Ofertanti Documentatie ofertanti RO Documentazione per offerenti_IT Documentation for bidders ENG   Norme Procedurale interne Norme procedurale interne_RO Regolamento interno _IT Internal […]