CHERISH – Cultural Heritage Education to Reinforce youth engagement and Improve Social cohesion

CHERISH – Cultural Heritage Education to Reinforce youth engagement and Improve Social cohesion

Project funded by ERASMUS PLUS Programme: 2018-1-IT02-KA201-048360


In honor of the 2018 as European Year of Cultural Heritage, many researchers, publications and studies shed light on how cultural heritage and cultural education allow learners of all ages to broaden their horizons by developing further knowledge, skills and competences related to European fundamentals value and principles such as peace, democracy and tolerance.

CHERISH project tackles a significant immaterial cultural heritage such as medieval and Renaissance sports and re-enactments, to develop innovative practices to raise awareness on the importance of Europe’s cultural heritage through educational activities, aimed at the acquisition of physical and mental abilities and the key competence of Cultural heritage.


Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To promote the acquisition of key competences and abilities related to cultural heritage
  • To support teachers and educators in design structured non-formal and informal learning activities
  • To set-up a formalized cultural network as a basis for a Cultural Route
  • To foster understanding of European cultural values

Main activities are:

  • CHERISH multilingual handbook for teachers and cultural makers, collecting a set of learning and educational activities to be adopted in the schools
  • Quality report on how to implement effectivie learning activities to develop cultural awareness and expression of physical and mental abilities such as coordination, concentration, dexterity and spatial perception
  • Cultural network of medieval sports and re-enactments

Relevant results derived from the project are:

  • Increased awareness of secondary schools pupils of the importance of the European cultural heritage. Improved knowledge on the European fundamental values such as peace, tolerance and democracy
  • Increased specific skills of pupils such as coordination, focus, coordination, leadership, concentration etc…
  • A reinforced network among the cultural organizations sharing similar culture traditions.

Thanks to CHERISH project, the consortium aims at give new and concrete opportunities to youngsters from Europe, to increase their sense of community and identification in the European fundamental values and principles. At the same time, the project wants to support a long-life learning approach to increase the opportunity of personal and communitarian development.





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