FOR.ME – FORma.azione Mobility for better quality in Education

FOR.ME  – FORma.azione Mobility for better quality in Education, under the Erasmus + KA 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals, 2016-1-IT02-KA104-023937

Recently, FORMA.Azione was awarded for the project FOR.ME  – FORma.azione Mobility for better quality in Education, under the Erasmus + KA 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals.

FORMA.Azione has long experience in both, the field of Vocational Education and Training and those of Formal and Non-Formal Adult Education and is considered as a leader at regional level. In January 2016 FORMA.Azione has expanded the corporate structure by recruiting some collaborators with permanent contracts. This important transition, in fact, led to the redefinition of the roles within the company, so, with the objective to strengthen the employee’s skills and competencies, starting from the company’s management decisions and individual interviews carried out, came up the idea of a project, consisting in 10 mobility activities entirely dedicated to the FORMA.Azione employees. In fact, its overall objective is to improve the quality and relevance of the training offer and guidance services aimed at adults and particularly disadvantaged groups.

After a thorough self-assessment of the needs and areas of improvement, we have identified the following SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES that we intend to achieve through the project activities:

  • Introduce new teaching methodologies and tools through the creation of a distance learning system;
  • Improve and expand the number of employee with specific adults guidance skills and competencies, especially in light of our recent accession to the Network EUROGUIDANCE Italy;
  • Increase the employee’s knowledge of English;
  • Become a qualified and recognizable entity at national and European level thanks to the methodology of the European Peer Review.

The main FOR. M.E activities are:


Mobility activities carried out in order to train operators of the education sector on how to adopt and implement the methodology of Peer Review in the field of adult formal and non-formal education.

Over the years this peer evaluation methodology has proven to be easy to use and coherent with the approaches, especially those informal that characterize adult learning in general.


The plan that we intend to implement in this mobility activity starts from the extension of the participation in the project to all the staff and not only to the figures responsible for the projects and transnational activities.

All training activities which benefit employees, starting with the phases of preparation, implementation, follow-up, internal and external communication, will take place in the form of closely related activities to issues that may contribute to the improvement of those business areas identified as weak during the self-assessment phase.


The mobility activity planned for this category foresees the observation of a Peer visit in the field of formal and non-formal adult education.

FORMA.Azione has clear ideas with regard to the long-term impact that the project may have on the company, on the participants and  on the target audience. Our organization will further increase its knowledge in technology, language competencies, self-assessment skills, ability to plan and provide quality learning opportunities for adults and for particularly disadvantaged groups and will further enhance its expertise in the European Peer Review.

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