Health Sector

Since 2011, FORMA.Azione srl has been a qualified supplier of USL Umbria 1, the Agency of the Umbria Regional Health Service.

Specifically, it manages the organizational secretarial and support to training activities service, including accreditation in the field of continuing education in medicine (ECM) for the aforementioned Agency.

This activity is based on the managerial and organizational skills of technical and secretarial staff, which ensures a constant and daily presence at the USL1 Training Center.

The activities carried out therefore concern:

– organizational support, management and monitoring of company training for medical and paramedical staff;

– request for and verification of correct release of ECM credits by authorized parties, according to the procedures activated and the monitoring of participants’ attendance;

– technical support for the organization of seminars and conferences.

In addition, thanks to the specific skills in designing European projects, FORMA.Azione had the opportunity to support USL 1

in the implementation of specialist projects on the following topics:

  • INTEGRA Project“Interventions to Ensure Adequate Answers to Women Victim of Violence “– Year 2014 – funded by the Equal Opportunities Department
  • Mattone Internazionale – Ministry of Health – Year 2014
  • BIRTH – Better Integration Rate Through maternal and child Healthcare – Year 2014 – Ministry of Interior
  • “AFA Stroke” Project – Project funded by the Ministry of Social Policies – Call 266/91 on behalf of the ALICE Association of Città di Castello and functional to the dissemination of the Adapted Physical Activity among people affected by ischemic stroke- Year 2016
  • “Snacks at School” – Project funded by the Local Action Group Media Valle del Tevere for the promotion of the culture of healthy eating and targeting 640 children of kindergarten, in collaboration with the Health District 3 of the Media Valle del Tevere – Year 2014
  • “Qualified informant on food hygiene and health” project financed through FONCOOP interprofessional funds for employees of Coop Centro Italia sales points – Year 2008
  • “Feeding with Culture” – Project financed by the Province of Perugia through the ESF and aimed at informing and raising awareness of the citizens of the Province of Perugia on food education – Year 2005
  • “Informer on nutrition and food safety” – Qualification project funded by the Umbria Region through the ESF – Year 2002
  • “Health and safety: a project for quality” – Project financed by the Province of Perugia through the ESF for employees of Coop Central Italy in matters of well-being at the workplace and food safety – Year 2002