IN EDU – INclusive communities through Media literacy & Critical Thinking EDUcation

IN EDU – INclusive communities through Media literacy & Critical Thinking EDUcation

Project funded by the ERASMUS PLUS programme: 604670-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

IN-EDU – INclusive communities through Media literacy & Critical Thinking EDUcation project is a 24-month initiative promoted by 7 partners from IT, BG, FR, HR and SI to scale up a good practice of media literacy and critical thinking education named IN-EDU engagement programme – an inclusive non-formal learning practice which combine training and action at community level.

The partnership

General objective of the project:

To reinforce media literacy and critical thinking among students by activating participatory processes at local level that call them to action together with teachers, parents and families, and other stakeholders – thus increasing also their awareness, knowledge and competences on the subject.


  • Mapping and engagement of local and EU-level stakeholders
  • Organize a Training for Teachers’ Trainers at transnational level on media literacy and validate its format and training materials
  • Empower teachers in partners’ countries on media literacy and participatory processes;
  • Promote through an active role of the trained teachers inclusive learning opportunities for parents and community stakeholders, based on non-formal approaches
  • Organize civic hackathons and support financially the best inclusive media literacy campaigns/actions resulting from them;
  • Organise an International Student camp for spreading the experience of the project to young people from other countries
  • Monitor and further validate the IN-EDU engagement programme
  • Disseminate and pave the way for transferring the good practice across EU.

Main products

Guidelines for the involvement of stakeholders; validated training for trainers format and resources to be easily adopted and replicated; guidelines for the organization of civic hackathons; recommendations for policy makers; various informative and dissemination tools.


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