Mission & Policy


FORMA.Azione aims to ensure effective employment for the end-users of its vocational training and adequate preparation for the changes in the economic environment. The purpose of all the activities carried out is to create sustained professional and socio-cultural growth of direct and indirect target groups.

The Objective of FORMA.Azione is to identify and fulfill its learners’ needs and expectations so as to offer them the opportunity to improve their work performances, achieve new knowledge and build networks of professional relationships.

The potential of employees and collaborators is enhanced thanks to a set of shared values ​​and a organizational culture based on trust and accountability. The ethical basis of the action of each partner and collaborator characterizes services and organizational culture, with reference to such values as equality between women and men, respect for diversity and access to long life learning.

FORMA.Azione seeks to maintain its success mainly based on meeting the  customers’ expectations through the assurance of quality standards above the average of other competitors in the region.