SET THE TONE – Gender safety at work

SET THE TONE project is a 24-month initiative run by 6 organisations based in Belgium, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

The project aims to impact employers and employees’ mind-set and daily behaviours practiced at the workplace towards gender stereotypes, sexual harassment, including cyber-harassment, through their active engagement as positive key players in preventing and reporting sexual harassment cases.

The project actions involve employers and employees with a specific role in assuring health and safety at workplace and other employees, both men and women, potential victims and perpetrators; among the employees, particular attention will be paid to newly hired and those in internship who are supposed to be more vulnerable.

The main project activities are:

• European Alliance – network established by social economy enterprises and SMEs together with the aim to support victims of Gender-based violence (GBV), to transform companies in leaders on this fight and to encourage a behavioural change within the private sector.
• Survey – collecting information directly from the enterprises, helps to understand the perception and awareness of psychological sexual harassment within the enterprises and analyse the specific needs of the workers.
• Training Course – a tailored training for employers and employees, possible victims and perpetrators. The training programme supports the improvement of competences to address sexual harassment at workplace, in reporting and responding.

To learn more:
Sylvia Liuti
Chiara Palazzetti

LinkedIn: Set The Tone Project

Project co-funded by the REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union
Id. n. 101005480

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