Speak UP! – Media for Inclusion

Speak UP! – Media for Inclusion

‘Speak Up! – Media for Inclusion’ is a response to the current situation, focusing on developing, disseminating and scaling up of good practices in media and information literacy trainings, making media workshops and film festivals for young migrants and refugees in France, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Hungary.


In order to facilitate their inclusion in the host country, the project will train young, newly-arrived migrants and refugees in media and information literacy, radio production and filmmaking in order to feel at home quickly and to have their voices heard.


The main activities that will be developed during the project are:

  • Scaling up of a good practice from The Netherlands on video production training and one on radio production from France.
  • Training of teachers and trainers on video and radio production.
  • Organization of media production and critical thinking workshop with the young and newly arrived migrants.
  • Organization of the Ithaka International Film and Media Festival to show the results of the training workshop.


Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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