WASTE MGMT in Vinnytsia

WASTE MGMT in Vinnytsia

The project “WASTE MGMT in Vinnytsia – Capacity building and transfer of knowledge for increasing and improving professional skills in waste management in the Region of Vinnytsia” intends to support the Ukrainian Region of Vinnytsia in improving its waste management policy and practices and aligning them with European standards (coherently with the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement).
The project has the potential of supporting the Regional State Administration of Vinnytsia (responsible for the policies on waste management, environmental standards, economic development, urban planning) in reducing costs. This will be possible thanks to the experiences and expertise made available by the know-how providers; the Italian applicant Contarina Spa with its strong expertise in the field of sustainable waste management, supported by the Agence de coopération et développement (expert in cross border cooperation), FORMA.Azione (experienced in planning and delivering vocational/liberal training programmes) and Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza (training centre delivering courses in agriculture, waste and environmental management). Together they have organised a strong capacity-building programme adapted to the Region of Vinnytsia.
The main objective of the project is the preparation of the Waste Management Plan (WMP) for the Region of Vinnytsia, in order to improve waste management along with the technical and administrative competences, which could be also used as a model for neighbouring regions (Local strategic planning). It will also enable the renewal of equipment available in the Region of Vinnytsia, facilitating the sustainability of the WMP as well as will improve competences among Ukrainian professionals, transferring the knowledge within the country. Moreover, the project intends to increase the awareness among local population of waste production and separation of materials.


More information available in the project website: http://www.ujump.org/.

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