FORMA.Azione – knowledge for all

  • Training

    Design and delivery of initial and continuous VET and AL programs for young people and adults, mainly financed through public funds. Trainings are aimed at increasing skills for the labour market, promoting active citizenship and can lead to the acquisition of professional qualifications.

  • Guidance

    (FORMA.Azione carries out) training and career guidance activities, through personalized paths of prior learning recognition and support to an active job search, to supply / demand matching, start-ups development and self-employment, transnational mobility.

  • Consultancy

    Customized solutions for enterprises and other key socio-economic actors to support the development of their businesses and human resources. An added value lies in the ability to identify and activate public financial resources to support business development plans, but also to connect them to the rich network of stakeholders in the territory.

Running projects

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Fondo Professioni Centro studi progetto donna Fon.Coop Fondimpresa Formatemp DNV GL

Accreditato dalla Regione Umbria